Alfra Piccolo 38/50 Magnetic Drilling Machine 110V

A superb, site proven magnetic drilling machine from quality German manufacturer Alfra.

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A powerful reliable machine capable of cutting holes 38mm O.D. by 50mm deep with the appropriate broach bit. Machine can also take twist drills.

Supply Format:


  • Transport Case
  • Safety Belt
  • Guard
  • Allen Key
  • Drill chuck with adapter
  • Operation Manual

Additional information



Corded Voltage


Boring DIameters Max Ø in Steel
Core Cutter 12-38mm
Cutting Depth 50mm
Twist Drill 1-6mm DIN 338
6-13mm DIN1897
Load RPM 450
Counterbore 10-40mm Ø
Input 1100W
Tool Holder 19mm Weldon Adaptor
Coolant Supply Internal
Stroke 129mm + 86mm
Voltage 110V
Megnetic Adhesion 9,000 N
Magnetic Foot 70 x 185mm
Weight 12.5KG

Technical information