Ridgid RE-60 Multi-Functional Electrical Tool

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Ridgid RE-60 electrical multi tool with various heads



Introducing the world’s most versatile electrical tool.

The RE 60 from RIDGID® features our unique QuickChange System™, allowing you to quickly and easily switch between interchangeable heads for cutting, crimping and punching. Now your important tasks can be accomplished with one innovative tool. No more back and forth to the truck, searching for different tools. Whether you’re cutting wire, crimping lugs or punching boxes, the RE 60 helps you maximize your productivity and efficiency on the jobsite



  • 60 kN force output for crimping lugs up to 300 mm², cutting cables up to 50 mm diameter and punching holes up to 3 mm mild steel.
  • Automatic ram retraction when cutting and crimping
  • Longest service interval in the industry (32.000 cycles)
  • 360° head rotation
  • Bright white LED for illuminating the workspace
  • Rubber overmolded grip for superior comfort and control
  • Nylon straps for greater tool security
  • Heavy-duty, blow-molded case for easy transport and storage
  • On/Off button for disabling tool when changing dies or heads
  • Powered by the RIDGID 18V Advanced Lithium battery platform
43633 Electrical Tool Kit w/SC-60C Scissor Cutter, LR-60B Latching Round Crimp Head and PH-60B Punch Head 11.7
43628 RE 60 Electrical Tool Kit w/SC-60C Scissor Cutter Head and LR-60B Latching Round Crimp Head 11.2
43613 RE 60 Electrical Tool Kit w/LR-60B Latching Round Crimp Head 10.0
43618 RE 60 Electrical Tool Kit w/SC-60C Scissor Cutter Head 10.0
43623 Electrical Tool Kit w/PH-60B Punch Head 9.5


Approximate Cycle Time 5 seconds
Service Interval 32,000 cycles
Weight 3.2 kgs w/battery

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RE-60 with SC-60C Scissor Head, LR-60B Latch Crimp Head, PH-60B Punch Head (RID-43633), RE-60 with SC60C Scissor Head, LR60-B Latch Crimp Head (RID-43628), RE-60 with LR-60B Latch Crimp Head (RID-43613), RE-60 with SC-60C Scissor Head (RID-43618), RE-60 with PH-60B Punch Head (RID-43623)

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