Mapress ACO203BT Pressfit Tool with 15-35mm M Profile Jaws


  • Low weight
  • Illumination of the press area
  • No limitation of the pressing cycles within the 2-year maintenance interval
  • Faster pressing cycles thanks to the Brushless Motor Technology (ACO203)
  • up to 40 % more pressings per battery charge* (ACO203)
  • Analysis of the pressing tool performance via NovoCheck app (ACO203)
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More efficient and lighter: new design Pressing tool ACO203 – make everything possible, which is needed for economic and efficient working. Thanks to the reduced weight* and the improved design the tools are even handier and make it easier to work with them also in over-head situations. Even in difficult lighting conditions the new pressing tools can convince thanks to the illumination of the press area, one of the new comfort-features.

The need for maintenance for the complete tool ACO203 is significantly reduced due to the new motor technology and up to 40 % more pressing cycles can be done per battery charge*.

Thanks to the new, implemented wireless technology on ACO203, device-related data can be requested via the NovoCheck app.

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Cordless Voltage


Dimensions metal pipe up to 54 mm
(depending on system up to 108mm)
Dimensions plastic pipe up to 110 mm
Piston force 32 kN
Piston stroke 40 mm
Weight 2,3 kg
Length 387 mm
Width 75 mm
Height 111 mm
Power consumption 450 W
Battery Milwaukee® M18™ battery system1
Battery capacity2 up to 250 pressing cycles
Charging time3 45 – 75 Min

Technical information